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Log cabin videoer

Sewing Log Cabin Blocks - 1 of 2

Lastet opp 29. jul. 2010
Marti's at the machine sewing Log Cabin blocks using exact-length strips. The pattern for Rachel's Baskets, hanging in the background, is in her book Log Cabin ABCs. You can see the full quilt on our Web site at fabrics are from Marti's Wild Rose line by Maywood Studio.

:05 Video opens with Marti piecing the center square and light colored "a" pieces together.

1:27 Clockwise or counter-clockwise, that is the question! The answer is clockwise, if you want your project to match our illustrations.

2:03 The second piece ("b") determines whether you are going clockwise or counter-clockwise.

3:01 An accurate 1/4-inch seam is a must! Both a 1/4-inch presser foot and Aurifil thread will help you get perfect 1/4-inch seams. Sew with the new piece ont he bottom and lead into the needle with the center square, and you will be going clockwise.

Thank you for watching.

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